Accurate T4P Control system including OMRON controllers with Digital Indication allows you monitoring and adjustment of temprature. The T4P is CE, UL and CSA approved.

Improved corosion resistance recessed electrial connections with quick connect, allow higher safety, reliability and performance. Platen latch provides secure water tight fit of electrical connections and easy access to platen RTD probe. Stainless steel cooling fitings are flush mounted.

The new Almex platen design offers heating, cooling and insulating functions along with improved serviceability. The flexible platens contour to variations in belt thickness. The pressure bag system offers uniform pressure to platen and ultimately, the splice area. Construction from durable material to withstand the toughest environments providing years of reliability and service.

High tensile steel bolt and nut assemblies are recessed in the bar allowing lower profile. Left and right hand thread allows easy adjustment. Improved restraining system is simple and easy to use with fewer peices.

SVP platens and E bars are interchangable with KD, LKD, and HLKD arrangements. SVP platens can be used with all bars.