Smart Pin Automatic Pin & Pedestal System

Unique Features

  • With smaller diameter round pins, the Smart Pin system can handle mullions and curved parts that other system can not.
  • Individual Pins can be deactivated manually or automatically through the console.

Technical specifications:

Press platen dimensions 59x114 inches 1500x2900mm
Tray dimensions 52x107 inches 1320x2700mm
Max. panel thickness 1 inch (2*) 25mm (50*)
Max. pressure 70psi 5 bar
Max. temperature 350deg F 175deg C

Complete with

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Electrically heated aluminum platen
  • No oil required
  • No hydraulics required
  • operates membrane or membraneless without removing the membrane
  • SmartPin System with automatic reset
  • Digital optical scanner
  • Automatic tray circulation
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Modem connection